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COSEDA Technologies Community Posting Guidelines

By accessing, contributing, using or downloading any materials from the site, you agree to be bound by our Community Guidelines.

You are very welcome to read posts on blogs, forums and groups, rate them, vote in polls, download files, create social bookmarks or share community content via e-mail.

You can also comment on blog posts, but we will ask for your e-mail address and your comments will be moderated: We will review your comments and post them as soon as we can, in most cases within one business day.

We encourage constructive discussion, but we will not post comments that are off topic, defamatory, use profanity, or otherwise violate our Terms of Use.

Our terms are a set of commonly used rules such as:

  • Respect copyrights. Do not share confidential or proprietary information. Avoid commercial activities. Do not spam and be aware that you are using the community at your own risk.
  • Add value. Be well informed. Provide worthwhile information and perspective.
  • Be respectful. Do not use slurs, personal insults or obscenity, and always respect privacy concerns and other issues that may be considered objectionable or inflammatory.
  • Correct mistakes. Post accurate information. Acknowledge and correct any mistakes you make as quickly as possible.
  • Be mindful. Your contributions to community discussions are public and searchable. Be mindful of the consequences.
  • Be authentic. Speak for yourself. This is not a place to replicate corporate statements; it is a place for personal views of industry insiders, speaking from peer to peer.

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