Manage even the toughest Design Challenges with COSIDE®

COSIDE® is an integrated design environment which lowers the entry level for system level design with features like large libraries, its easy-to-use schematic design entry and the automation of the code generation as well as the whole design process.

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COSIDE® Automotive

COSIDE® is the perfect tool to develop, design and simulate innovative heterogeneous safety-relevant hardware and software systems for the automotive industry.

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COSIDE® Mobile Communication

COSIDE® provides advanced methods and cutting-edge technology. These enable wireless design teams to shorten the design cycle time by increasing silicon predictability and enabling greater radio frequency design productivity.

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Accelerate your Development with COSIDE®

Accelerate your time to market with much earlier and faster soft- and hardware development. Create executable specifications and virtual prototypes with COSIDE®

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Design Environment COSIDE®

COSIDE® is the first commercially available design environment based on the SystemC and SystemC AMS standards to model and simulate highly complex heterogeneous hardware and software systems.

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System Security with COSIDE®

COSIDE® provides various verification methods to meet the latest requirements for secure products like SmartCards, E-Passes, Payment Cards, Access Cards and many more.

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COSIDE® - The Design Environment for Heterogeneous Systems

The design platform COSIDE® by COSEDA Technologies GmbH is the perfect tool to develop and design innovative heterogeneous hardware and software systems.

COSIDE® is the first commercially available design environment based on SystemC as well as on SystemC AMS standards. It is the first solution explicitly developed to model and simulate highly complex analog and mixed-signal hard- and software systems.

Closing the Gap

COSIDE® is closing the gap between the analog and digital world and between idea, concept and implementation in the design process of complex electronic systems within one environment.

It allows for a holistic design approach by considering the different worlds of development jointly. COSIDE® enables overall system modeling and virtual prototyping.

COSIDE® makes innovative system level design, modeling and simulation as well as verification methods easily and efficiently available to our customers.

Customer Advantages

  • Improved modeling efficiency
  • Higher model quality
  • Low entry level
  • Improved maintainability
  • Enabled model reuse
  • License-free simulation

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Management Summary

  • Combination of analog and mixed-signal hardware and software
  • Integration of standard tools (Matlab, Cadence, Synopsys, etc.)
  • Large libraries
  • Improved and extended analog solvers
  • Generation of IP-protected customer models
  • Formal verification