COSIDE® Application Areas

COSIDE® is used in a wide variety of application areas. These include:

  • Safety critical automotive systems
  • Communication and RF systems
  • Smart Cards and security
  • Control systems
  • Consumer products
  • High speed interfaces
  • Power supplies / Power management

With SystemC AMS, the interaction of analog and digital components such as software and processors can be examined and tested during the design phase using behavior models. Unlike other languages, it facilitates extremely quick system simulation and verification. The reason is that design models are heavily abstracted and nonetheless deliver reliable results. This reduces the time needed to introduce a product to the market and decreases the cost of product development. At the same time, compared to other solutions, the optimized verification provides increased development quality.


The cost of developing and testing electronic systems within the automotive sector is constantly increasing. At the same time new safety requirements and standards result in broader test coverage requirements and new system architectures lead to increased system complexity. COSEDA Technologies supports its automotive customers in addressing challenges such as supply chain disruptions, complex software development and deployment, increasing security challenges and accelerating time to market for competition.

COSIDE® provides a solution that fully supports the automotive model-based design methodologies. COSIDE® is the perfect tool for automotive semiconductors, tier one and OEM companies to deploy a more efficient development environment for early hardware and software development, integration and testing in the mixed signal area.

  • Accelerate Silicon Chip Design with COSIDE Automotve building blocks
  • Ensure functional Safety & Reliability for automotive chip design and verification
  • Speed up software development with virtual prototypes across the supply chain

A very interesting paper about "A SystemC-AMS Framework for the Design and Simulation of Energy Management in Electric Vehicles" can be found at

Another interesting paper about "SystemC AMS Based Frameworks for Virtual Prototyping of Heterogeneous Systems" can be found here.

Consumer Products

Requirements in consumer products are constantly increasing to meet customer expectations on a wide variety of products. The growing complexity of the hardware and software content is challenging traditional development approaches. In the meantime producer of consumer products are facing ambitious time to market and competitive pricing requirements.

With COSIDE® semiconductor and electronic products companies are able to increase hardware and software development performance, especially in the mixed signal area. The main results are reduced development costs combined with faster product delivery.

Other Application Areas

COSIDE® is a great and beneficial environment for many other application markets including aerospace, hyper-connectivity, medical sector, industrial automation, mobile devices and many others. For more information on application market specific solutions please contact us.

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