COSIDE® Training

Get the most out of your investment in COSIDE® through our professional COSIDE® Training. Our team of highly qualified experts provides tailored trainings at our training center in Dresden, Germany or at your site. We also offer online courses, which allow you to participate in a live training without the need to travel.

We understand that the faster our COSIDE® technology is adopted by our customers, the more productive will design teams become and the more advanced will their products be. We also offer to discuss your own project examples within our exercises to provide a specific recommendation for your current project challenge.

What is COSIDE®?

The electronic system level tool COSIDE® is the first commercially available environment that fully supports the SystemC & SystemC AMS language standards. COSIDE® is the perfect tool for overall system modeling and simulation for analog and digital as well as for hard- and software.

What will you learn?

After completion of this training you will know how to make system-level models in COSIDE® without the need for high programming skills. You will also gain some basic knowledge about the different modeling capabilities and principles of the modeling language C / C++ / SystemC and its analog extension SystemC AMS.

You will gain the ability to write and execute simple models in COSIDE® as well as to understand and analyze complex SystemC / SystemC AMS models. You will become familiar with the modeling and design environment COSIDE® and with the application of using library components. You will understand how to apply those principles to real world modeling and simulation problems and how to make best use of COSIDE® and the SystemC AMS simulator to debug and validate your models.

Who should attend?

Hardware design-, concept-, system-, verification- engineers who are dealing with complex analog and digital systems and wish to become skilled in the practical use of COSIDE®. They will learn to create basic SystemC as well as SystemC AMS models, while no high programming skills are required.

Embedded software engineers who already have a basic knowledge of C/C++ and who would like to extend their knowledge in the direction of hardware modeling.

Software Used in This Course

COSIDE® - The Design Environment for Heterogeneous Systems

Training Materials

Our comprehensive and user-friendly training materials are included within the training fees.

Duration and Place

The duration of the COSIDE® training will be 2-3 days according to your individual needs and request. The training will take place at your site or at our training center in Dresden, Germany.


  • Basic knowledge of modelling and simulation
  • Basic knowledge of one hardware description language
  • Basic knowledge of C and/or C++

Offered Languages

English, German

Training Prices

Prices are on request