SystemC AMS Proof-of-Concept 2.3

The new “SystemC AMS Proof-of-Concept 2.3” is now available free of charge under Apache 2.0 open source license on the COSEDA Technologies website.

The SystemC AMS PoC 2.3 library offers an implementation of the IEEE 1666.1 SystemC AMS standard

The Proof of Concept implements all classes, functions and macros defined in the standard and thus provides the algorithm that is required to execute standard compliant models.

Compared to previous versions, the SystemC AMS PoC 2.3 is compatible with the latest SystemC versions, has optimized performance, several bug fixes and some preview features from discussions of the standardization committee.

It is the perfect entry into system level design of analog and/or mixed signal systems using SystemC.

To get started, we recommend downloading the recently updated SystemC AMS users guide and the sample package from the Accellera website .

Based on the SystemC and SystemC AMS standards, COSEDA Technologies offers tools with the ability to create, debug, execute, verify and exchange virtual prototypes based on SystemC and SystemC AMS.

In addition, COSEDA provides a huge variety of libraries for domains such as communication, RF, sensors, power electronics and automotive as well as multiple export capabilities to numerous EDA design tools.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information or any questions about SystemC AMS, applications or tool demos @

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