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GreenSocs France SAS

COSEDA Partnership Program

The COSEDA Technologies Partnership Program works with companies around the world to enhance the value, for our customers, of using COSEDA´s products.

Starting in January 2017 COSEDA Technologies has formed a Partnership with GreenSocs France SAS. Through this partnership we provide a solution that allows our tools to be used for complex digital architectures, embedded in a heterogeneous analog, digital, hard- and software systems.

About GreenSocs®:

GreenSocs® offers a complete range of high productivity solutions for SystemC and QEMU based virtual platforms, models and prototypes, of everything from critical real-time embedded systems, through complex devices such as GPUs, CPUs and encryption engines. Whether your device is large or a small, a complex network or an individual node, GreenSocs® provides controllable models giving visibility into the hardware/software interface, and performance analysis.

GreenSocs® has been at the forefront of SystemC based model design for 10 years, chairing working groups in OSCI and OCP-IP (now both part of Accellera). GreenSocs® contributes to open source projects such as QEMU and GEM5, and provides the leading open source productivity library for SystemC.

Joint Solution:

Virtual Platforms bring your software development forward: you can explore, design and optimize your architectures. With our joint solution we have created a product which will be much more valuable to our customers than simply the sum of the two parts. Enabling for the first time a true full system holistic approach to design and development, it covers hardware, software and real world analogue


Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details about our solution.

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