COSEDA @ 4th ASAM International Conference

COSEDA Technologies @ 4th ASAM International Conference

Autonomous Driving – Standardized Virtual Development as a Key to Future Mobility

Hosted in cooperation with the Saxon State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Labour and Transport

Dec 10 - 11, 2019 in Dresden, Germany

COSEDA will give some insights at the session "Sensor Modeling and Data Fusion" on the topic:

New Sensor Modeling Approach for Autonomous Driving

Simulation and Sensor Simulation

Dr. Thilo Vörtler
Senior Development Engineer
COSEDA Technologies GmbH


Mr. Takahiro Yanagi

Recently autonomous vehicles are focusing on SAE automation level 3, and are going to level 4 and 5 in the near future. These systems feature an increasing number of sensors, but are lacking a simulation environment which can incorporate high performance sensor models. Current simulation environments for systems containing RADAR or LIDAR use measurement data and high level behavior is modeled using FMI. In this work we will show the first integrated simulation environment which incorporates RADAR and LIDAR simulation, together with SystemC AMS sensor models. The RADAR and LIDAR simulation enables the creation of virtual driving scenarios. SystemC AMS models are an industry standard for high performance models of sensors, processors and other electronic components.


About 4th ASAM International Conference

The increasing number of driver assistance systems in the car culminating in the fully autonomous operation, implies that the interaction with the environment is gradually delegated from the driver to the vehicle. Therefore, the development of these driving systems can no longer be based solely on the understanding of the driver, the vehicle, and their interaction but must additionally take the environment into account.

Virtualized development is the key to manage this increased complexity. And it goes along with a radical change in the “classical” test methods: New concepts must be developed for comprehensive vehicle validation in both the real and virtual world.

These new concepts will be subject of the 4th ASAM International Conference taking place on Dec 10-11, 2019 in Dresden, Germany.

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